Making Your Business Rewarding, Fulfilling & Valuable

By Todd Schorer, Business Growth Advisor to the Manufacturing Industry

As you well know, the manufacturing industry is fast-paced and results-driven by nature. It requires long hours, great flexibility, and the need to wear many hats.

Business owners like you are faced with the challenge of running a successful business while having the time to spend with family without sacrificing yourself.

You started your business so you could be your own boss.

You wanted the freedom to pursue the dream of bringing your product or service to life and through this to help others.

Yet chances are you are overwhelmed by the chaos and stress of running a business.

You probably spend year after year overworked and overtired realizing you have very little personal time to spend with your loved ones, and maybe you’re struggling to feel the rewards of it all.

The real challenge comes when you need to step away from the center of the business and put your trust in others to handle the day-to-day operations.

Without expert help, you are at risk of continuing to make the same critical mistakes and seeing little to no change.

Imagine what life would be like if you were to build an independent business that ran successfully without needing your constant attention, leaving you time to strategically work toward a profitable exit.

The Importance of Value Building

The value of your company goes beyond the money you earn. A valuable company is successful financially, but just as importantly can run and thrive with increasingly less intervention from the owner.

The Value Builder System is a helpful resource that provides education, tools, and advice for building a more valuable company.

Here, you will be supported by a community of like-minded professionals acting as a collaborative team in pursuit of educating owners like yourself on value building and growing your business for a profitable exit.

As you may already know, building a more valuable company will give you leverage.

You will know how to position your business starting now so, if you decide to sell, you will get the best possible price and even more importantly, the right terms for you.

Understanding the importance of value building is vital to your future and the future of your business.

It requires a whole different level of expertise… from someone who understands the nature of your business and your individual needs – one who can create a clear, solid plan and has a roadmap that prepares you for an exit on YOUR terms.

My new book “Making Your Business Rewarding, Fulfilling & Valuable” will deliver the knowledge and skills for scaling and growing your company, while building an independent business that lets you enjoy the life you deserve.

This book also offers invaluable insights on how to transition from Business Owner, who is overwhelmed by the day to day & deep involvement in every aspect of their company, to CEO of your own business, who has extracted themselves from the center of the business and the daily chaos and is working strategically to scale, grow, and exit.

In 90 Days, you will learn to:

  • Scale and grow your business while planning a profitable exit
  • Step out of the center of your business & build trust within your company
  • Delegate and create an independent company that doesn’t rely on you to thrive
  • Take back control and reclaim your sense of fulfillment and purpose
  • Transition from Business Owner to CEO of your company
  • Enjoy a healthy work-life balance
  • Prepare to exit the company on YOUR terms and reap the rewards that you deserve
If you are open to learning how to take back control and reclaim your sense of fulfillment and purpose, then pick up a complimentary copy of my new book “Making Your Business Rewarding, Fulfilling & Valuable” below. Only a limited supply is available!

If you would also like to have a one-on-one complimentary consultation (value $695), when you order your book, click “Yes, I’d like some expert help” in the order form and we will contact you via email to schedule your private and confidential consultation to discuss your current business challenges.

Build a Valuable Business That Gives You More Control Over Your Time

In this essential book for business owners, you will learn:

Meet The Author

Todd Schorer is the Business Growth Advisor to the Manufacturing Industry.

As a key advisor with Leadership & Exit Planning training, he is well positioned to assist owners ready to transform their company so it becomes more enjoyable and more profitable.

Todd has made it his mission to help manufacturing owners grow their companies without the business being too dependent on them, creating the work-life balance needed for a healthy future—for the owner and the company.

He has experienced first-hand the complexities that come with running a manufacturing company and his passion to help others is apparent in his leadership, guidance, and candid advice.

In “Making Your Business Rewarding, Fulfilling & Valuable,” Schorer offers insights needed to shift the role from Business Owner to CEO of the business.

Drawing on years of experience as the head of a manufacturing company, he masterfully explains how to take yourself off the path of isolation and disappointment and helps you to get on the path to finding the fulfillment you deserve.

Todd’s work in business growth has led to the resurrection of confidence and a positive mindset among many business owners.

He has proven that with the right strategies, resources, and mindset, you can create a valuable, independent, and profitable company while enjoying the life that you always wanted to live.

Todd now has a growing roster of business owners ready to access his unique business growth advice and strategies on the path to financial success and a fulfilling future.

Todd is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (Exit Planning Institute) and a Certified Value Builder (The Value Builder System).

Copyright 2022, Todd Schorer | All Rights Reserved.

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