About Two Arbors Consulting

As a highly respected Business Growth Advisor to the Manufacturing Industry, and with many years of executive leadership, Todd Schorer is an authority in his field. He is helping leaders rise above the daily noise to develop a clear vision for their company’s future.

Todd began his career in manufacturing at General Electric. He completed a prestigious management leadership program which was only offered to a select few. Todd also completed Certified Exit Planning Advisor training. He then went on to become an implementer of the Value Builder System, focusing on creating a business that can thrive without you.

Taking on the leadership of a family metal fabricating business at a young age, Todd truly knows the stresses and sacrifices of business ownership. Learning from experience, Todd became passionate about helping others reclaim that sense of fulfillment and purpose that he once struggled with.

Todd has made it his mission to help manufacturing owners grow their companies while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He has invested himself wholeheartedly in helping leaders to build value to prepare for a strategic exit and ensure a solid future.

Todd’s new book, “Making Your Business Rewarding, Fulfilling & Valuable”, offers invaluable insights on how to transition from Business Owner to CEO of your own business.

He masterfully explains how to transform the days of “firefighting” to scaling and growing your company as well as the importance of creating a strategy to exit on your own terms.