Manufacturing Company Owners – Transform Your Business So It Becomes More Enjoyable And Profitable!

Build a Valuable Business That Gives You More Control Over Your Time

In this essential book for business owners, you will learn:

You CAN Create A Work-Life Balance Needed For A Healthy Future

You probably landed here because you are the owner of a small to medium size manufacturing business.

As the owner, you are busy all day, every day. You have your hand in all departments. You are at the center of the business and involved in many–if not all-decisions being made on a daily basis. You are stressed and spend most of your time putting out fires. Worse, you are wondering how you got here? How did this happen?

You started your business so you could be your own boss. You wanted the freedom to pursue the dream of bringing your product or service to life and through this, to help others. Yet here you are, overwhelmed by the chaos and stress and time demands of running a manufacturing business…

In this eye-opening book, you will discover…

A Personal Note From Todd Schorer...

It is likely that you are a manufacturing Business Owner who is overwhelmed trying to build an independent and profitable business with very little time for strategic planning. The idea of growing your business without you at the center is unsettling.

Can you imagine running a successful and profitable business while having the time to spend with your family? Wouldn’t it be life-changing to work with an advisor who is able to help you transform from Business Owner to CEO?

It is possible to learn how to step out of the center of your business, build value and enjoy the life that you deserve.

About Todd Schorer

Todd Schorer is a trusted business growth advisor who passionately assists business leaders with the transformation of their role as business owner to CEO. He has made it his mission to help manufacturing owners grow their companies without the business being too dependent on them—creating the work-life balance needed for a healthy future for the owner and the company.

Business ownership shouldn’t leave you isolated and overwhelmed. Todd has successfully guided overwhelmed business owners off the path of stress and disappointment and on to the path to living their purpose.

Todd understands the challenges that owners have spending most of their days consumed with addressing issues that need immediate resolution. He strategically assists owners with a clear road map to help them scale and grow the business, build value, and be ready to exit on their own terms.

Making Your Business Rewarding, Fulfilling & Valuable offers 10 insights needed to shift your role in the business from owner to CEO. This book discusses the importance of creating an independent and valuable company that provides you with the freedom needed to live the life you desire.

Build a Valuable Business That Gives You More Control Over Your Time

In this essential book for business owners, you will learn:

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