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About Todd Schorer

Todd Schorer is the Business Growth Advisor to the Manufacturing Industry. Drawing on years of experience as the head of a manufacturing company, he is well-positioned to assist owners with the transformation of their role from business owner to CEO. He has made it his mission to help manufacturing owners grow their companies without the business being too dependent on them, creating the work-life balance needed for a healthy future—for the owner and the company.

The manufacturing industry is fast-paced and results-driven by nature. It requires long hours, great flexibility and the need to wear many hats. Business owners are chained to their work, afraid to take time off as they feel that things will come tumbling down if they are not at the center of what is going on.

These business owners are faced with the challenge of running a successful business while having the time to spend with family, all without sacrificing themselves. The path of destruction they are on is due to their inability to step away from the center of the business and take back control over their day-to-day.

The upside is that there is still time to make a positive change. There is time to learn how to transform the days of putting out fires to scaling, growing and working toward a strategic exit—while the business becomes cleverly designed to run with far less intervention by its owner.

In Making Your Business Rewarding, Fulfilling & Valuable, Schorer offers 10 insights needed to shift your role in the business from owner to CEO. As an experienced advisor with additional training in Leadership & Exit Planning, he masterfully explains how to take yourself off the path of isolation and disappointment and get on the path to finding the fulfillment you deserve.

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